April Donation Drive for Dignity Matters

NV Yoga is once again hosting a donation drive this month in support of Dignity Matters. From now until the end of April we will be collecting monetary donations, feminine hygiene products, bras, and underpants to help women and school-age girls living in homeless or low-income situations.

Dignity Matters has contracted with a manufacturer to make feminine pads for pennies, so this drive is really focused on collecting money to get that manufacturing relationship underway.

Your donations can help:

  • $15.00 provides a woman with hygiene products for one year.
  • $70.00 provides a woman with feminine hygiene products for one year,  3 new bras and a pack of new underwear.

We also have a bin inside the studio to collect physical donations of bras, underwear, and sanitary products. You can also drop items off outside the studio door, or slide a donation check under the door before April 30 if it's more convenient. If you can kindly label your bag/envelope"Dignity Matters" that will be great!

Here's a list of needed items and guidelines about donations. 

Bras and UnderpantsBras and bralettes (teen's bras) - new and very gently used/like new.  ALL sizes and styles are needed (including custom made sizes, sports bras, shape wear, nursing bras, etc). To affirm the dignity of the women we serve, we can only accept VERY GENTLY used bras which have no pilling, discoloration or holes. Please launder your bras before donating.

Female underpants - new with tags only. Any brand, type, size (from size 5T for small homeless school girls up)

Pads and TamponsDonating feminine hygiene products is a very practical and personal way to help a woman in severe hardship. Every box of donated feminine hygiene products offers a woman a healthier and more dignified life.

We accept any type, size, and brand of tampons, pads, panty liners and menstrual cups; the higher absorbency, the better. Overnight pads, maxi pads, and maternity pads are the most practical and sought after by homeless women. If you have an open box that you would like to donate, we are happy to accept it as long as the pads or the tampons are individually wrapped.

Learn more about Dignity Matters.

Thanks so much for your participation in our drive, and for all the ways you give to others every day!

In love and light,